About 21f - Effective Oct. 1, 2013, Section 21f of the School Aid Act expands access to online learning options by Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 10.30.01 AM.pngallowing LEA or PSA students in grades 6-12*, with parent/guardian consent, to take up to two online courses per semester.
*Changed to grade 6 during summer of 2014. Click here to see other updates to 21f as of June 30, 2014.

District Requirements:
  • Link to the statewide catalog from the district website.
  • Allow students to take up to two online courses per term from the statewide catalog based on request. May take more than two, with district permission, if student has demonstrated success with online learning.
  • Pay the expenses associated with the online course(s) - no more than 1/12 for semester or 1/18 for trimester of FTE (per course).
    • New language on the course payment (as of June 2014): The district shall pay 80% of the cost of the online course upon enrollment and 20% upon completion as determined by the district. A district is not required to pay toward the cost of an online course an amount that exceeds 8.33% of the minimum foundation allowance for the current fiscal year as calculated under section 20. If the course cost exceeds 8.33% of the FTE, the parent has the option to pay for the difference.

  • Include the course(s) on the student’s schedule, grant credit (if student successfully completes the course) and add course to transcript – identify the online course title as it appears in the online course syllabus.

District Requirements (if they offer their own online courses):
  • Enter course information and syllabi into the statewide catalog.
  • District can choose to open their local offerings to others around the state (must enter price and payment information in the state catalog).

21f FAQ (updated by MDE and MVU)

Statewide Catalog (MVU)

Sample School Sites and Contracts