About 21f:
Section 21f of the State School Aid Act expands online learning options by allowing LEA or PSA students in grades 6-12, with parent/guardian consent, to take up to two* online courses per semester/trimester. Students can take courses through the district's local catalog of online courses or through the statewide catalog. Online courses offered locally must also appear on the statewide catalog with appropriate syllabi, as defined by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).

*May take more than two if student has demonstrated success with online learning.

Additional Resources:
21f School Aid Act (see pages 19-21) (Legislative Excerpt)
5-O-D (21f Pupil Accounting Manual - NEW for 2014-15)
Evaluating Student Readiness for Online Learning (Rubric)
21f Parent Guide (Developed by MVU)
21f Course Review Process

Definitions (as outlined in the School Aid Act):
Online Course: "Online course" means a course of study that is capable of generating a credit or a grade, that is provided in an interactive internet-connected learning environment, in which pupils are separated from their teachers by time or location, or both, and in which a teacher who holds a valid Michigan teaching certificate is responsible for determining appropriate instructional methods for each pupil, diagnosing learning needs, assessing pupil learning, prescribing intervention strategies, reporting outcomes, and evaluating the effects of instruction and support strategies.

Online Course Syllabus: "Online course syllabus" means a document that includes all of the following:
(i) The state academic standards addressed in an online course.
(ii) The online course content outline.
(iii) The online course required assessments.
(iv) The online course prerequisites.
(v) Expectations for actual instructor contact time with the online learning pupil and other pupil-to-instructor communications.
(vi) Academic support available to the online learning pupil.
(vii) The online course learning outcomes and objectives.
(viii) The name of the institution or organization providing the online content.
(ix) The name of the institution or organization providing the online instructor.
(x) The course titles assigned by the district and the course titles and course codes from the national center
for education statistics (NCES) school codes for the exchange of data (SCED).
(xi) The number of eligible nonresident pupils that will be accepted by the district in the online course.
(xii) The results of the online course quality review using the guidelines and model review process
published by the Michigan virtual university.